catching up

There have been many joyful adventures since my last post. Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, or your beverage of choice and we can begin our catching up.

Moving to a new city reveals many holes that need to be filled. There are many things you have to find, and we have been in the process of filling those holes.

Dry Cleaner – check! I have found a new place to take Doug’s dress shirts and any other item that needs dry cleaning, and I have found a fun woman who makes me smile each time I drop off or pick up clothes. She is from South Korea, and her name is pronounced “Oon” (or that is how I hear it – I should ask her to write her name for me). She and her husband own the business. She has one son who just graduated from High School last week, and it is always a joy to have a brief visit through the drop off/pick up window.

Chiropractor – check! I have found a new chiropractor just about a mile from our apartment. I can take the street car and then walk three blocks or can walk the whole way. I just love getting outside. Dr. Abby also practices acupuncture, so that might be great material for a future post.

Dentist – check! Just to be honest – in my adult life I have not found a favorite dentist. I just go, because it is the thing to do. I am a weirdo who loves to floss. I think the new dentist office will be good. I might even enjoy going. I mean – they offered me water or coffee when I walked in. And it wasn’t the mini water bottle – it was full size. SCORE!

Church – the most important – check! When we were contemplating this move, finding a church was the first thing we really talked about. One night, my honey was on Facebook (which at the time was a rare occasion, but now we hang with a bunch of young people who use “the Facebook” regularly, so he checks it more often). While scrolling he saw Emmaus Church being highlighted by Acts 29 church planting network. We looked at their website and loved what we saw (and they met near where we were planning on living.) I really hoped this could be our new church, and in God’s graciousness, it is. We became covenant members of Emmaus Church on April 29 and are thrilled to see how God will teach us, love us, grow us, and use us in this body.

Not only have we filled some of the “holes” of moving, we have had some fun.

At the beginning of May, I flew to California to help my girl put her dorm stuff in storage for the summer. It was a super fast and furious trip – less than 48 hours! It was so great to spend time with her before she headed to Texas for the first half of summer. I got to spend a little time with her friends and see how sweet God had been to her this semester.

We experienced “First Friday’s” which you can read about on their website here. Think art galleries, music, food trucks, and lots of people.

We drove to Texas for a wedding weekend. We had a great time with extended family and loved being in the same place with both our kids – not sure when that will happen next. Weird. Makes me a little sad. I guess I will have to get creative in planning for family time in the future.142225bd-74b3-4535-b361-8f5f8240edff

We enjoyed a serendipitous concert (Stevie Nicks cover band, anyone??} while enjoying coffee on the back patio of a neat coffee shop (they also have a cereal bar there which I haven’t tried but sounds pretty amazing!) And, we have enjoyed walking to City Market where there is a farmers market.

Living downtown provides the opportunity to do lots of walking, and I am really loving that the weather is now cooperating so we can do just that.. WALK!

All over!

When the weather isn’t ideal for a walk or we need to get somewhere a bit more quickly, the streetcar is fantastic and entertaining. It also stops right in front of our apartment building. Just the other day I saw two wolves on the streetcar. Okay, maybe they were children with Great Wolf Lodge wolf ears, but they were cute wolves! (Which reminds me – Roman, tell your mom and dad it is time for a visit, so I can do MagiQuest with you!)

You really never know what you might see around here. You should come check it out!

I have to bring this to a close – about to head out for a walk with my honey. Would love to hear all that is going on in your lives. Your turn to catch me up!