what am i thinking

Today I am going back to school.

As a student.

It has been almost thirty years since I have written an academic paper. Yes, I have edited quite a few in those years – I am a good editor. But the writing?

What am I thinking?

I am taking a class that meets one time a week for three hours.

Will I be able to stay focused for three hours? Will I be able to go three hours without a bathroom break? (Seriously – I drink tons of water!)

What am I thinking?

These concerns have crossed my mind over the past month as I thought about this new adventure. (I am not even going down the path that I could be the oldest person in the room).

But this morning – here is what I am thinking:

How kind of God to give me a husband who is encouraging me to see if this seminary thing is for me. We already have two kids in college, do we really need another person in school? Yet, my honey is cheering me on and will probably join me in much of my reading. He is a precious gift!

How kind of God to move us to Kansas City where He has placed us in a loving church community with lots of seminary students. I could absolutely walk this path “alone,” but God has given me friends with whom I get to walk. Sure they are much younger (like I could be their mom younger). But, they are the friends God has given me in this season, and they are a blessing.

How kind of God to move us to Kansas City where there is a seminary whose vision is “For the Church.” My honey and I are passionate about God’s working in and through the local (and universal) church and love that the heart of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary beats for the church.

How kind of God to work to change my degree back in college. I wrote very briefly about that here. It was in this degree change that God blessed me with a professor who spoke into my heart more that she probably knows. Yes, she taught me much from the content of her classes, but she taught me even more from the content of her heart. She was the only female teacher in the department and encouraged me to be a thinker. It was in that season that I began thinking about the possibility of going to seminary. I am thankful that God placed her in my life and used her for His purposes.

So, even though I do think about paper writing, my attention span, and bathroom breaks, this morning I am thinking about the amazing God who in His kindness has brought me to this place.

He is faithful!




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