favorite things

Favorite things

Just looking at those words brings to mind the line from The Sound of Music

These are a few of my favorite things

Did you just sing that line? If you are like me you did. Seriously, I can’t even type that line without singing it in my head. And, I continue to sing about kittens, brown geese, ponies, apple strudel …

Word of advice – if you have not ever watched The Sound of Music, you really should. At least once. Or maybe once a year. And now I must make a note to self to schedule a sing along viewing of the movie with friends.

After my mind dances through thoughts of that famous movie/musical a second thought about “favorite things” flies into my mind

Oprah Winfrey

Each year around Thanksgiving, Oprah would have a show dedicated to her favorite things for that year. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can check out this for an explanation and lists of her annual favorite things.

But this post is NOT about iconic musicals or people. It is a simple post about some of my favorite things in Kansas City.

I am regularly asked how I like living in Kansas City by both long time friends from Texas and new friends from KC. Answering my Texas friends brings a twinge of guilt as if I am cheating on Texas by enjoying my new city. Then, I had a new friend (who grew up near KC) who said something about Texans not usually “converting,” surprised at my positive view on this place I now call home. Before I go on, let me be clear, I am not turning in my Texan card – just enjoying where God has placed me.


With the questions and responses I have received I thought I would share some of my favorite things about Kansas City.

The KC Streetcar

The KC Streetcar is an amazing way to get around the downtown area. And, it is FREE! A bonus is that we have a streetcar stop directly in front of our apartment.

River Market

The River Market is a river front neighborhood that is both vibrant and quaint. It is home to a number of fun restaurants and shops. It is also home to another of my favorite things – the City Market.

City Market

The city market is a wonderful farmers’ market with locally grown produce, hand baked goods, hand made items, beautiful flowers, and other fun things. It is a great place to spend a Saturday morning with friends.

Grand Boulevard of the Americas

Grand Boulevard is a major street in the downtown area. As you walk (or drive) down it you will see flags of countries from North, Central, and South America displayed. By most of the flags is a piece of art which was created by a local student and depicts that specific country. Oh, how I love anything that shows off the nations. I love being reminded that the world is made up of so much more than my country of origin. The reminder on Grand Boulevard is an encouragement to pray for these specific nations as well as the nations of the world.

Local Coffee Shops

I don’t hate large coffee conglomerates, but I absolutely adore local coffee shops, and KC has bunches of them!!! Many of the local shops actually roast their own beans. The ones that don’t usually offer some of the local roasts. Some of my friends have strong opinions about coffee, choosing their favorite local shop. I tend to like them all (or at least all that I have visited.) Each has a unique personality with its own quirks. Many serve tea as well, which I also LOVE! Earl Grey, anyone? It really doesn’t get much better than a warm beverage and a book at one of these spots. Well, sometimes I do my coffee/tea iced, but I really enjoy warm beverages. They make me feel cozy.

A General Love of Local

When I asked my honey something he loves about our new city, this is what he mentioned – there is an overall love of all things local in KC – or maybe it is just the people I hang around. It isn’t contained to coffee shops. The overall vibe in KC is a celebration of what the “locals” have to offer – art, food, beverages. There is even a “Made in KC” store (actually there are multiple locations) that sells a wide variety of items that are locally made.

The list could probably go on. After I publish this, I will think of things I could have included. I mean, this is the home of Hallmark! But what I have seen is the clear idea that you really can and should bloom where you are planted. I have lived in four cities (metroplexes) since college graduation and could come up with a favorite things list for each of them. Prague, Princeton (NJ), and Plano (really the Dallas Metroplex) hold a piece of my heart.

Wherever God places me, I want to be all there. Sure, it makes the leaving all the more difficult. But it makes the staying a thing of beauty.

What are some of the favorite things in your current “hometown?” I would love to know.



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